Here some samples of my coporate and assignment work (photo and film)

Please send me an email to see more works.

Book and exhibition for Société Adrien Bellier.

SBTPC - 50 years


Orange Mag

(for Réa images)

Corporate portraits for Inovista.

Crédit Agricole


Corporate publication for  Reunion tourism board.

Advertising campaign for Le Quotidien newspaper (Reunion, France).

Coroporate campaign for Le syndicat du sucre, Reunion Island.

Corporate reportage for Corona beer.

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Testimonial movie for OIIS, french medical platform.

Portrait of Alain Gernigon, french artist.

Short movie presentation of the new french campus of the New-York University in Paris.

Corporate movie for introduction of the new Renault Trucks product.

TV advertising for Bledina.

Part of 6 movies corporate collection for Air Austral.

Part of 6 movies corporate collection for Air Austral.

TV advertising for Piton des neiges (2013)

Corporate movie for the presentation of a new urbanism plan in La Possession for Agorah.